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UPDATE: The pregnancy blind item will be revealed next Thursday, not this Thursday. 

Today's Spoiler Chat has a theme, y'all: Love triangles!

We've got scoop on some of TV's complicated romantic entanglements, including what's ahead for Emily and one of her suitors on Revenge, what fans can expect from one of The Following's fan-favorite pairings, True Blood's new romance and Zoe's love life on Hart of Dixie! If romance isn't your thang, we've also got spoilers on Parks and Recreation, How I Met Your Mother and more...

Katie in Palm Springs, Calif.: When will your pregnancy blind item be revealed?
By the end of the week. Thursday night, to be very exact. 

Selena: Revenge freak here. I actually love Emily and Aiden together, so what's coming up for them?
More questions. "It's always a question," Barry Sloan tells us. "They are so similar in a way that draws them to each other, but it also causes problems." Looks like Emily now has three will-they-or-won't-they relationships to juggle on Revenge. But Sloan insists that they are still in a stage where they are figuring out what their relationship is, which is more than Jack and Daniel can say right now.

Finley: Any HIMYM scoop?
Prepare for a fantasy sequence! The CBS sitcom is currently looking for an actor to play Marshall and Lily's son Marvin in his 20s in an upcoming episode. They grow up so fast, don't they?!

Conor: Craving some True Blood spoilers!
Season five will introduce viewers to a new love triangle! Jason will face some serious competition for a certain vampire's affection in the form of the sexy and spiritual Wes, a hot vamp who was turned in the '70s. He's smart, compassionate, a good listener and he can play guitar.  Fans will meet him in episode six, and he'll be sticking around for a quite a while. Good luck, Jason, sounds like you'll need it!

Nico Tortorella, Adan Canto, The Following


Cady: Obsessed with The Following, but I missed Paul and Jacob a lot in the last episode! They are coming back, right?!
Fret not, lovers of handsome cult members! Paul and Jacob will be back on the show, and we'll learn a lot more about Paul via flashbacks, which will probably help explain why he hates kids, including little Joey so much. "He probably didn't like to be a kid," Adan Canto teases. "They remind him of those years he wants to erase from his memory."

Heather: I think we are owed some great Zade scoop, about them getting back together, right? Or Wade doing everything he can to win Zoe back? Please?
How about this for a juicy Hart of Dixie tease: Zoe will sleep with either George or Wade before the season finale. Boom.

Gloria: You are my Parks and Rec spoilers queen! Spill.
Can you imagine Ron and Leslie getting it on?! You won't have to after this week's episode! Don't panic, it's just the porn version of Ron and Leslie. That's right, Brandi Maxxx (remember her?) plays Leslie Knope in a pornographic retelling of how the Parks department helps save a Pawnee video store going out of business. Also by the end of the episode, you'll be praying for the Parks and Rec version of "Time After Time" will be available to download on iTunes. You'll see what we mean on Thursday.

Ashley in St. Louis: I just watched every episode of The Newsroom and I am desperate for season-two scoop!
Did you enjoy Jim in season one? Well, better go back and savor it because John Gallagher Jr. won't be around as much this time around. He tells us that Jim "leaves the hive of the newsroom for a while" to do "some traveling" in season two. As for Will, you'll be happy to know that in the new season, his health won't be so up and down. "So far he's doing well," Jeff Daniels says to us. "He is alive in season two!" Phew.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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(Originally published on Wed., Mar. 6, 2013 6:00 AM PST)

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