Jesus is just all right with me, Jesus is just all right…with comedy, you would think.

But a farcical, Django Unchained-style Saturday Night Live parody of God's son seeking justice did not sit well with the American Family Association. And although the fundamentalist Christian organization claimed that JCPenney and Sears pulled their ads from the program, a source tells E! News this is not true.

In the Jesus Uncrossed movie-trailer spoof, which originally aired Feb. 16, Christoph Waltz portrayed a resurrected Christ, acting out what the narrator called "the ultimate historical revenge fantasy." The skit also mentioned Brad Pitt costarring as St. Peter, Ving Rhames playing Pontius Pilate and Samuel L. Jackson portraying Judas Iscariot.

In a press release, the AFA called the sketch "blasphemy" and "applauded" both retailers for pulling their ads (which is not the case).

"There is a great relationship between [Sears and JCPenney] and NBC Late Night," a source tells E! News. "Neither company has contacted the network [about pulling their ads]."


(NBC and E! are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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