Last week was filled with pressing questions. Such as, "Is there horse meat in my taco?" "What is the sequester?" And, "Is there any in my taco?"  So if you missed some of our blog posts, this is your chance to catch up. Not to be confused with ketchup, which is delicious on horse meat tacos.


Kim & Kanye paintings

We figured out what Duck Dynasty's been missing: shoulder pads and Joan Collins.

Harry Styles' nutshot gif is the modern-day Zapruder film. Where was the second shoe-thrower?

These elegant Kimye paintings will be hanging in the Louvre soon. Louvre is French for "toilet," right?

The new Dancing with the Stars cast was announced, and we think we almost recognize some of them

In our new reality show, "Who Twarted?"Hollywood's barely literate celebrities struggle to fill up 140 characters.

This week's #TBT features a young Christoph Waltz bulging with talent.

Whambulance Wednesday was particularly divisive. Some of you hate us, and some of you really hate us!

This tumblr offers alternate uses for penis cakes. Circumcision never tasted so delicious!

Our scientific theories for what caused Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar fall, in gif form (No one reads anymore. How are you reading this?!)

Mindf*ck Mondays: ingredients of Swedish meatballs include lingonberries, horse meat, and PCP.


Pope retires, begins internship for The Soup

Oscars joke fallout: The Onion apologized, Joan Rivers didn't.

Jennifer Lawrence is badass, exhibit ABC, and D.

Dennis Rodman and dictator Kim Jong Un hung out in North Korea. What does Metta World Peace have to say about this?

Girls Gone Wild went bankrupt – financially. They've been morally bankrupt forever.

Boobphyxiation: he died doing what he loved.

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