Jamie Lee Curtis

AP Photo/Gus Ruelas

Jamie Lee Curtis is the latest celebrity to join the chorus of Seth MacFalane bashers following the latter's controversial stint hosting the 2013 Oscars.

In a scathing op-ed in The Huffington Post on Friday, the 54-year-old actress took the Family Guy mastermind and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to task for turning out what she said was a "disturbing" ceremony. 

"I was offended last week. As an Academy member, as the child of former Academy members [her parents are late Hollywood stars Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh] and as a woman, I expected more from the best that the movie business has to offer," she wrote. "The Oscars are about honoring art and artists. It is not supposed to be a cheesy vaudeville show."

Curtis also criticized MacFarlane's now infamous "We Saw Your Boobs" musical number that opened Hollywood's Biggest Night.

"The 'boob' song, as it will be known in perpetuity, may go down as the highest-rated Oscar number in history, but at what cost? I'm sure public executions would get big ratings too, but is that what the Oscars are truly about? Ratings? When did they turn into a 'roast?'" the True Lies star wondered.

We're pretty sure Jane Fonda might agree with Jamie on that last point.

Curtis continued: "At least at a roast you know what's in store. What if actors and actresses stopped attending the Oscars because it was deemed open session to ridicule and parody them? Would the Academy be so cavalier then?"

The thespian went on to acknowledge that, yes, she has indeed bared her breasts for the big screen, but only "to satisfy the requirement of the role I was asked to do," or rather, "lucky to do, for in my case, those films were significant in my career." She adds she didn't enjoy doing those scenes either.

But Curtis concluded her post by lamenting what's become of the Oscars and sticking up for that particular piece of anatomy.

"I am sorry that this is what we are talking about and not Argo's lovely win or Jennifer [Lawrence]'s amazing performance" she noted. "What we will be talking about is Seth's lack of class and a 14-year-old boy's derogatory word for one of the most beautiful, motherly and literally nurturing parts of the female form."

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