At the tail end of his pubescence, Justin Bieber is no longer a boy but not yet a woman. As though to prove his coming of age, the Biebs has been stepping out recently in all manner of strange paraphenelia. This week alone, he was seen sporting a gas mask and then a fetching jeans-and-boxer-and-screw-you-that's-all ensemble.

These increasingly frequent forays into guerilla fashion got us to thinking, 'Why should he be the only one to make himself look ridiculous?' So we went ahead and made this Justin Bieber Paper Doll, strictly for lampooning purposes, mind you, and not owing to any longstanding secret desires.

Bieber Paper Doll

Feel free to print it out a hi-res version here so you can play dress-up from the comfort and requisite privacy of your home…you weirdos.

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