On today's Live from E!, we talked about Tori Spelling's open letter to Star magazine slamming their cover article, which proclaimed that she and Dean McDermott were headed for divorce. Spelling claims that her 6-year old son, Liam, was "terrified" when he saw the cover. She says, "He was anxiously biting his lower lip and his big blue eyes were filled with tears. My heart sank."

Tori Spelling

The St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, Susan Goldman

While some are surprised that Tori hasn't made a move to sue the magazine and say that might mean there is truth to these "rumors," there are actually a number of other reasons she isn't settling the matter in court. First of all, taking Star to court would cause them to probe even deeper into her personal life and it's likely that Tori just doesn't want to subject her family to that. Second of all, such court battles are extremely expensive and time-consuming and she simply might not want the hassle.

What would you do if you were Tori and Dean?

Also on the show, we had an update from Ken Baker, who was live at the courthouse where Lindsay Lohan's hearing took place this morning. A lot of concerns have been raised over her new attorney, Mark Heller, and his ability to maneuver the California court system (Heller practices in New York). One attorney who was inside the courthouse this morning has called his performance thus far "disastrous."

Finally, we ended the show with good news and bad news (we'll leave it up to you to decide which is which): Today is Justin Bieber's birthday and 90210 has been canceled

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