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Who's Jennifer Lawrence dating now?
—T. Real K., via Twitter

Now that Warm Bodies star Nicholas Hoult is out of the picture, it appears that Jennifer Lawrence's only BF is small, bald and golden.

But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun guessing who might squire this very hot young Oscar winner around next.

Check out our five recommendations, as well as what a real matchmaker has to say:

First of all, know this:

The girl is 22, hot and at the top of her game. She doesn't need to date anybody. But, as fans, we would sure like it, a whole lot, if she offered us some free tabloid entertainment by considering one of the four guys listed below.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio: The Django Unchained costar just might be one of the few people whose name is still bigger than Lawrence's right now. But more importantly, everyone who dates DiCaprio seems to get a career boost—Gisele Bundchen, Bar Rafaeli, Blake Lively, Erin Heatherton. And, as I've already established, there's an Oscar curse to worry about here.

2. Taylor Lautner: He's hot. He's already had his own hit franchise, so, no competition there. And matchmaker Sherri Murphy of Elite Connections likes his CV. "He was born in Michigan," she notes, "I've worked with a lot of people from the Midwest and they're always nice. Also, he's got some experience in martial arts and can defend Jennifer from the paparazzi!"

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire

Murray Close/Lionsgate

3. Josh Hutcherson: Think about it: Costars! Of a major franchise! Dating! Again! They'd be the next Stew-Pattz! They'd be...J-Hutch! The world would go totally insane!

4. Michael Sheen: He's cool, funny, British and newly free, if the breakup reports regarding Rachel McAdams are any indication. Thanks to Twilight, he knows how to survive a major movie franchise intact. And did we mention he's pretty cool?

Oh, wait. Let's add one more for fun:

5. Jack Nicholson: There's some serious chemistry here, right?

Whom do you think J. Law should date? Tell me in comments.

Oh, J.Law, you say the darndest things

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