Christian Slater Engaged to Girlfriend Brittany Lopez

This will be the second marriage for the actor, who has two children with his ex-wife

By Natalie Finn Mar 01, 2013 4:00 AMTags
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Christian Slater has found true romance.

The 43-year-old actor is engaged to girlfriend Brittany Lopez—happy news he revealed last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Well, actually, Fallon revealed it.

"Congratulations, you're engaged!" the host greeted his guest.

"Yeah, that's true," Slater said, giving the audience the thumbs-up. This will be his second marriage. He has two kids with ex-wife Ryan Haddon.

Slater said that he met Lopez when he was staying on Florida's Little Palm Island a couple years ago and "this girl came walking along with another lady, a slightly older lady, and I was sitting in my usual spot eating my oatmeal that morning."

Questions ensued about the oatmeal.

"So I'm a filthy old man eating my oatmeal," Slater laughed, "and she comes walking along. This spot, I guess, was famous for people proposing to each other, actually. It was very, very nice. So she's there with this old lady and, next thing I know, she gets down on one knee and proposes to this older lady...I'd seen a lot of crazy stuff down in the Florida Keys! I of course was very intrigued and I went over and sat down in my other usual spot."

And, to make a long story short, "I thought I'd just witnessed a nice lesbian engagement so I was coming over to say congratulations...but it turns out it was her aunt and she was just trying to help her aunt capture the beauty and the romance of the park...The next thing I knew we were hanging out in the Everglades."

He says he was nervous to meet his future in-laws, but they get along famously—now that they're past him buying Lopez a taxidermic raccoon to make up for her wanting an actual raccoon for a pet.

"I brought it to the house, the whole family...this was like the last gift!" Slater recalled. "She opened the thing and all she saw was two dead eyes staring up at her and she literally cried for 45 minutes into her mother's bosom. It was awful."

And yet they're still going strong. Congrats to the happy couple!