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Today's Spoiler Chat is all about change! Well, some of it is, as we've got scoop on big character changes happening on Revenge and Scandal, as well as dish on 90210's series finale! Plus, we've got relationship scoop on New Girl and Glee, info on a new character coming to Teen Wolf, creepy The Following spoilers and more...

Hannah: So excited for the new season of Teen Wolf! Got anything to share on what we can expect from the new characters?
With Alphas comes Betas! We'll meet one of lead Alpha Deaucalion's Betas Marco in episode eight (the same ep that features a flashback to Derek's haunted past). Marco is volatile, angry and not afraid to confront an Alpha.

Meghan: How will Amanda's death affect Jack on Revenge?
"I think you're going to start seeing a very different Jack then you've seen," Gabriel Mann teases. "Personally, when I started seeing some of the scripts that were coming out it was like, ‘Great, finally!' You know it's going to make it complicated in some of his friendships and relationships coming up, this new kind of character twist, but it's so fun. "

Tessa: Thanks for the Darren Criss interview! So obviously Kurt and Blaine get back together soon, right?
Don't hold your breath. In fact, Darren is more interested in getting a "wacky" love interest for Blaine. "I want to see Blaine date some guy that make people go, ‘What?!'" Criss tells us. "That would be fun. " And then he said he would leave it in the hands of Ryan Murphy, so who knows what kind of boyfriend we'll get for Blaine in the future!

Allison: You know I'm always in the mood for Nick and Jess scoop! #NewGirl
Well, then you'll be happy to know that an episode near the end of the season is titled "First Date" and it does involve Nick and Jess…at a restaurant…together. Shippers celebrate! But not too much, because there is a twist involved that stems when someone from the past shows up.

Scott Humbert/The CW

Andy: So bummed to hear about 90210's cancellation, but what can we expect from the series finale?
A huge accident! Yes, someone will be getting into a pretty serious car wreck on the way to the airport in the soap's series-ending episode. Paramedics will be called, hospitals will be rushed to, lives will be endangered, etc.

Jeaneen: Obsessed with Scandal! Got any spoilers to share?
Prepare to see the tougher side of Quinn! Though she started off as the naïve newbie, Quinn is quickly becoming a fierce Gladiator and will get her Olivia Pope on in a big way in an upcoming episode. We're talking super sassy and awesome monologue here, people!

Emily: Any scoop on The Mindy Project that doesn't have to do with Mindy and Danny?!
Morgan's leaving! Temporarily, we should mention, so don't panic! While Morgan is out of the office, viewers will meet his temporary and very annoying replacement Tamra, who isn't exactly beloved by everyone as she has a tendency to sing and dance, something that drives the sweet Betsy crazy.

Christopher: Would love any info you have on The Following?
Remember the scene where Paul is helping Jacob select a knife to murder someone with? It wasn't gratuitous, as we're told Paul is pretty specific about how he kills, something we'll learn more about via flashbacks.

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