Fergie, Josh Duhamel

Rachel Murray/WireImage

Fergie is one woman who's not afraid to express herself!

Her husband, Josh Duhamel, told the New York Post Tuesday the surprising way the singer reacted to finding out she was pregnant.

"She was the one when we first found out that was like, 'This [bleep] just got real," the Safe Haven star said. "Those were the first words out of her mouth."

Now that she's got a tiny baby bump, Fergie—and Josh—are looking forward to being hand-on parents.

"I'm not 24," the 40-year-old hunk said. "I've got some life experience that I think I can impart. My mother was the disciplinarian and my father was more of a free spirit. Hopefully I'm somewhere in between."

The duo recently jetted to London, where Fergie joined her hubby as he promoted Safe Haven.

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