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It's the last day of February, which means spring is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with some scoop on your favorite TV shows?!

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on the highly anticipated wedding on How I Met Your Mother, what's next for Rayna and Deacon on Nashville and the new big bad coming to Starling City on Arrow.

Plus, spoilers on Parks and Recreation, Beauty and the Beast and more are also included...

Sasha: Are you guys attending Paleyfest this year?
Obviously! We're going to be all over that carpet like an object that is usually all over another object. It starts on Friday, so if you have questions for any of the following shows—The Walking Dead, Revolution, Once Upon a Time, Newsroom, Community, The New Normal, Parenthood, The Mindy Project, Nashville, Arrow, Dallas, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls and American Horror Story—hit us up in the comments. Then prepare for a scoop-fest!

Penny in Tampa Bay: I'm all about Barney and Robin on HIMYM. Please fill me in on their upcoming wedding!
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down. Before the wedding, we have to have the bachelor party, right?! You remember Barney's little gambling habit, yes? Do you also remember the weird game that he was obsessed with when Marshall and Lily went to Atlantic City to get married in season two? Well, those two things will soon combine and lead to a Hangover-esque evening in episode 21. Let's hope they don't lose Barney and no one accidental marries a hooker.

John B.: I hope this question doesn't make me seem psycho, but will we ever see the great Joe Carroll "in action" on The Following?
That question seems sane enough...unless you're a follower. Are you? We are side-eying you so hard right now. To answer your question: yes. You will see serial killer Joe Carroll in all his mad glory sometime this season. And it won't be just a flashback either.

Declan: Last night's episode of Arrow was insane! In desperate need of spoilers now!
Meet episode 20's big bad: Edward Rasmus, a wealthy investment broker/fraud who has a network of criminal associates at his disposal and thinks he's untouchable in Starling City. Ha! Rasmus, who has silver-streaked hair (Hmmm...), defrauds investors and rides off with their money, something we're sure Oliver isn't too impressed by.


Jan Thijs/The CW

Davis: I'll take Beauty and the Beast scoop if you've got it!
In the show's 18th episode of the season, which is ominously titled "Moving On," we'll meet Kirk, a new medical examiner who is handsome, but edgy and aggressive (Think Henry Rollins). Fans can expect the newbie to stick around for a little bit.

Jenna: Are there any more hot Deacon and Rayna kisses coming up on Nashville?
If we do get any hot makeout sessions between those two, better enjoy it while you can. Because near the end of the season, those two won't exactly be on smooching terms. In fact, when tragedy hits Rayna's personal life, Deacon can only manage an awkward phone call to make sure she's OK. Not exactly the timeline Deacon-Rayna shippers want, eh?

Hector in Manhattan Beach, Calif.: I'm worried about your Parks and Rec blind item saying someone might be leaving the show. Can you eliminate someone?
See, the situation with this character's storyline is that it's possible they'll leave the Parks department, but not necessarily leave the show. And to ease your bacon-loving fears, we will eliminate Ron Swanson in this scenario. You're welcome.

Johanna: Totally charmed by The Carrie Diaries. Do you have any scoop?
Break out your dancing shoes because the season one finale will revolve around prom! (Is there anything better than an '80s prom? Nope!) Unfortunately for Mouse, she can't  bring West as her parents don't know she's dating him, so she's forced to go with Eugene, a pre-teen friend of the family. Yikes!

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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