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If you've been craving new music from No Doubt, then you're in luck, but if you were hoping to snag tickets to an upcoming tour, well, you'll have to wait a little longer.

The popular ska-rock band—which consists of vocalist Gwen Stefani, bassist and keyboardist Tony Kanal, guitarist and keyboardist Tom Dumont and drummer Adrian Young—have briefly postponed their tour plans in order to "focus on new music."

The '90s rock group took to Facebook to share the news with their fans: 

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"Greetings from the studio in Los Angeles…Yes, that's right, the studio!" the band writes. "While we were traveling the world last year promoting Push and Shove, Gwen mentioned she was inspired to write new music. In December, around the time of our hometown shows, we discussed the idea of starting 2013 by getting back into the studio together.

"We did so in January and the new music started flowing with unexpected ease. After spending three years recording the last album, this new pace feels incredibly exciting," the group explains before adding, "We have decided to follow our muse for the time being and focus on this new music that we don't want to stop. So, we will be postponing our tour plans briefly while we endeavor to create something special and inspired. Our goal as a band is to share this new music with you as quickly as possible - both recorded and live on tour."

The California rockers also remind fans to follow No Doubt on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with the band's latest photos and videos. 

And as promised, No Doubt's already tweeted a studio shot where they're busy recording: 

"In the studio. Literally. Right now:)," Kanal posted on his microblogging page. 

Are you excited for the band's new tunes? Or bummed you'll have to wait to buy tickets to their tour? Tell us in the comments!

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