Harry Styles has scored a hit—but it's left him reeling in all the wrong ways.

Taylor Swift's ex was clocked in the crotch with a shoe Tuesday during a show with his fellow One Direction boys in Glasgow, Scotland—a freak mishap that saw him collapse to the floor in pain as his bandmates and the audience looked on in both horror and morbid incredulity.

It all went down during a break in the show as Styles and his bandmates—Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik—chatted up the audience.

A fan then threw a shoe at the stage near Styles, prompting the singer to pick it up and wonder where the other one was.

He got his answer: Suddenly a second shoe hurtled to the stage and hit the 19-year-old singer in the groin, causing him to keel over and curl up on the floor as he cupped his crotch. 

The incident also caught his bandmates by surprise, shouting "Man down!" as Payne and Malik checked in on Styles to make sure he was all right.

Thankfully, he was, and Styles got up and made light of the incident by doing some lunges.

Hey, after surviving a thinly veiled zinger lobbed at him by a Brit-accented Swift at the Grammys, we're betting the guy can handle a wayward projectile shoe.

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