New Girl's Max Greenfield Shares His 3 Rules for Looking Sharp

Actor offers men advice on how to look stylish

By Rose Curiel Feb 27, 2013 4:30 PMTags
Emmy Awards, Max Greenfield ABC/Rick Rowell

Max Greenfield fans can tell you his New Girl character Schmidt takes fashion very seriously. And while Greenfield may not own driving moccasins or a sharkskin laptop sleeve like his fictional counterpart, we found out he's definitely a fan of looking put together when we recently caught up with him at a class he taught at Soul Cycle in West Hollywood.  

Indeed, he looked particularly dapper at the 2013 Golden Globes—a fact he attributes to his sharp Tom Ford tuxedo. 

"Your posture changes," he says about his designer award show look. "Everything about you becomes different and you go, 'I forgot that I'm a man.' And then you're reminded once you put on a tuxedo like that. Tom Ford reminds you that you're a man."

Just how much does Greenfield love a good-fitting suit? He's gunning to team up with a designer. 

"Man oh man, what I'd give to be an ambassador to Tom Ford," he dished. "Man oh man, would I love to be the ambassador to, I mean, forget Tom Ford, just the ambassador to anything. I'm looking to be the ambassador to some sort of male fashion designer."

Look out, Justin Timberlake! But until the day Greenfield graces a male fashion campaign, we can find inspiration from his fashion savvy, thanks to a few tips he shared with us on how to look great for a night on the town:

1. Suit Up: "For a guy, I don't like the idea of I'm just going to throw on my T-shirt and jeans," he says. "If you're Russell Crowe, I suppose that's cool, but I don't know any Russell Crowes. I really don't. I'm certainly not one. So, I think it's like, have some fun with it. Put on a suit and tell me that you don't feel better about yourself."

2. Moisturize: "There's a company called Philosophy and I've recently gotten into some of their products. Man, I've never felt moisture like I have with some of those products, like Miracle Worker," he explains. "It just livens up my face in a way that makes the air feel better. It's really good, I'm telling you."

3. Skip the Accessories: "I don't think men should wear accessories. It's not a man thing. It's totally a woman thing. My wife will put on a watch and then throw some bracelets around the watch and that's a cool look. My wife used to make me watch the Rachel Zoe Project and Zoe was all about the accessories, and let me tell you something, she's not wrong," he elaborates. "But for men, that's not a cool thing to do. If you're wearing a necklace, it should have a lot of meaning to you and be very important, but if you're wearing a necklace just to be cool, it's not cool. A watch is key. I think is a watch is as far as you need to go."