Jared Leto, Tattoo, Twit Pic


Jared Leto has kept his word. Kinda, sorta.

After the actor announced he would show off his new tattoo if he was able to acquire one million followers by the end of Monday, the guy did just that.

"I made you a promise when I hit one million followers. Thank you all! xo" Leto tweeted to fans on Tuesday morning along with an Instagram picture revealing a large back tattoo.

However, while we certainly appreciate seeing the body art, Leto did fail to post one photo in particular. Namely, the one supposedly involving Zach Braff.

"i will show you me showing zach my tat," he had written on Monday.

But alas, nothing with the former Scrubs star has appeared on his Twitter page.

Oh well. Perhaps one of Leto's now-one million followers can let us know when he does.

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