Elton John

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

For some people, getting smacked upside the head by Elton John is a badge of honor.

At least it was for Jeremiah Fraites, the drummer for Denver-based folk rockers The Lumineers, after he expressed disbelief the Rocket Man actually enjoyed their music.

The band's singer-guitarist, Wesley Schultz, recounted in a funny anecdote recently that when The Lumineers encountered the 65-year-old John at the Grammy Awards earlier this month, the "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" singer couldn't resist expressing his appreciation with a good slap to the face.

"We were nominated for two awards but didn't win," Schultz told XFM London (via Huffington Post). "As we were walking in, Elton John stopped us and said he has been listening to our album and was a fan. Our drummer said, 'There's no f--king way you are a fan!' Elton just slapped him in the face and put him straight. It was a special moment."


Lucky for Fraites the group and Elton got along swimmingly, because they certainly don't want to be on John's bad side—just see the latter's latest feud with Madonna.

The Lumineers, who, alas, failed to win a Grammy despite two nominations, are currently touring Europe.

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