Most people who watched the Oscars last night agreed it was the best Tony Awards ceremony yet! And aside from a tactless John Wilkes Booth joke (too soon, Seth, too soon) everyone in Hollywood got the lovingly administered taint massage they were all hoping for. Here are the scorching-hot Oscar topics trending on the webs today.


2013 Oscars Show, Paul N. J. Ottosson, Per Hallberg, Claudio Miranda

Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Rick Rowell/ABC

The use of PEW (Performance Enhancing Wizards) has become rampant in the categories of sound editing and cinematography.

Subtag: #DreamComeTrue

Anne Hathaway, Oscars 2013

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Anne showed off a perky pair of prosthetic nipples – having cut hers off for an upcoming role – on her way to living out the dream of fictional syphilitic prostitutes everywhere!


Oscar GIFs

Kristen Stewart's limp was the source of much speculation – had she been Nancy Kerrigan'd by a more emotive actress, like the ottoman in her living room?

Subtag: #HowDoYouSpellQuvenzhané?

Oscar GIFs

I pity the fool that messes with Quvenzhané Wallis! This girl's so tough, she makes onions cry.

GIFs via Buzzfeed

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