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In need of some romance scoop? Spoiler Chat has got you covered!

In today's column, we've got scoop on a fan favorite Glee pairing and what's next for Beauty and the Beast's Catherine and Vincent now that they've finally kissed. Plus, we also have interesting tidbits to share on couples on Covert Affairs and The Mindy Project. If you're not in the mood for romance, we've got also scoop on Revenge, The Following, Arrow and more...

Beth: I'd really love some scoop on my new favorite TV pairing Danny and Mindy on The Mindy Project!
Remember when Morgan kind of sort of mailed Danny's ex-wife the letter he wrote, which was sensitive and included a drawing of their non-existent baby? Well, she definitely receives is as viewers will be meeting Christina in episode 22. And guess what? We're not the only ones picking up on some chemistry between Danny and Mindy.

Felicity: What's next on Revenge after Amanda's death?
The investigation of said death? Possibly. Either that or another crime is going down later on in the season. Revenge is currently looking to cast someone to play an NYPD detective. He won't show up until episode 18, and he'll only be around for one episode. Speculate away, you TV nerds.

Liz in Los Gatos, Calif.: Jayma Mays on How I Met Your Mother means what for Wemma??
Um, most likely nothing. Jayma is just popping up as a quick guest star to reprise her small role from allll the way back in season one. If she does miss shooting on Glee to do HIMYM, we can't imagine she would be absent for any more than one episode. And since Emma has been MIA a lot this season (and so has Will for that matter), it won't be too out of the ordinary to have her or both of them gone on Glee. Think of it this way: Maybe Jayma shooting that guest appearance means that Will and Emma finally get their honeymoon and have to be gone for one or two episodes! Ever think of that? Silver lining, people.

Sasha:  Loving The Following and I can't wait to learn more about Paul! Got any scoop?
Prepare for flashbacks! Viewers will soon learn Paul's backstory and will get to see him interact with Joe. "Joe's my role model," Adan Canto teases of their interactions. "I guess I'm just fascinated to find a world in which I can feel comforted somehow; a world in which everything I do and everything I feel isn't necessarily wrong or bad. It's now colored by all of these beautiful philosophies that Joe shares with us."

Jan Thijs/The CW

Irene: Beauty and the Beast is getting really good! Any scoop?
Do you have a bad feeling about Evan poking around in Vincent's world? You should be. That situation will hit critical mass in episode 17 and 18, complete with a confrontation between two people that doesn't go smoothly at all. Does it leave someone in danger? Possibly. Will it change Vincent and Catherine's relationship? Definitely.

Amy: Obsessed with Arrow! Please share anything you've got!
In Wednesday's episode, [Spoiler] is shot! In possibly unrelated or related news, Malcolm attempts to reconnect With Tommy on his birthday, which leads to learning a bit more about their fractured relationship. Oh, and don't miss the final two minutes, which contains a huge, potentially show-changing, reveal.

Steph B.: Where is my Royal Pains scoop?
We were waiting until we got info on the season five premiere. And here it is! A new character is joining the show, and she sounds an awful lot like Victoria Grayson from Revenge. Her name is Blythe (of course it is), and she's considered Hamptons royalty. She is influential, prestigious and pushy, and she isn't afraid to let her neighbors know that she's the queen bee. After HankMed's tends to her injury, she really takes a liking to them. And that doesn't necessarily mean good things for Evan and Hank…

Molls: I'm really impatient waiting for Covert Affairs scoop, especially after all the adorable stuff between Annie and Auggie in the season three finale. Can you help?
Season four's premiere episode will not exactly be a romantic romp for Annie and Auggie. In fact, there is some seriously dangerous stuff going down involving those two, but at least they're together! That's something, right? And there is a moment that Annie-Auggie fans will love involving a reunion that comes after one of them is caught in a nasty explosion. Yeah, like we said, seriously dangerous stuff happening in the premiere.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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