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Playtime is over for the trio of psychopaths on The Following.

Viewers' jaws hit the floor at the end of last week's episode of Fox's breakout hit when Ryan (Kevin Bacon) finally found Joe's (James Purefoy) three followers who kidnapped Joey, only to be held at gunpoint by Paul (Adan Canto). And now that Kevin Williamson's serial killer thriller has merged the two storylines, it's safe to say tonight's episode is a game changer, which is exactly how star Adan Canto described it when we chatted with him. "Ryan tells us we're not going to get out of there alive. It could be the end of the farmhouse," Canto says, "but then again, the story has to continue so that's the interesting part: Where is this going to go?"

Plus, Canto teases what's next for Paul, Jacob (Nico Tortorella) and Emma's (Valorie Curry) twisted romance and reveals when we'll learn more about Paul's past...

Canto says fans can expect tonight's outing to completely change the show, teasing, "It will be completely different after this episode, entirely different. You are going to possibly meet some new people, and it's just a total game changer for all of us."

Now that Ryan has finally caught up to Paul, Jacob and Emma, he'll try and get them to turn on each other. "Ryan's character is a very smart man; he knows how to read people quite well and of course we're freaked out," Canto explains. "This is our nemesis. This is the guy that put our idol away, so he represents the devil to us. It's kind of freaky because we don't think we can kill him because the story hasn't ended, it's not exactly Joe's plans, yet we have to survive."

As for what's ahead for the scene-stealing trio when it comes to their twisted romance, Canto says, "Paul's interested in anybody who gives him a little bit of love. He was interested in Emma as well. Interested is the wrong word; I'd rather say something like feeling at home with somebody. He feels like he can trust Jacob.  He just feels at home with both of them, and for Paul I think it would be just great to keep having that around. And little Meghan is just a treat in this dynamic."

So does that mean Paul is really in love with Jacob or just feels comfortable with him? "It's an interesting question. He could be in love with Jacob and he's developing love for Emma as well," Canto says.

While viewers have learned of Emma and Jacob's respective pasts, they've get to see how Paul became one of Joe's followers. But don't worry, it's coming!

"Believe me, you're going to be floored, the kind of things that this guy has done and you're going to be floored. It's going to come up. I was amazed when I read that episode," Canto teases. "I was just blown away and excited and nervous to shoot those scenes because I think it's a dream of mine to have a character as complex as Paul. What is this guy's motivation and why did he become like this and with what ease does he do these kinds of things? His consciousness doesn't bother him at all."

The Following airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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