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About Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar jewelry: Are backwards necklaces a real thing, or did she just choose to wear it backwards?
—L. Lagoon, via Twitter

Some necklaces really are designed for all the bling to hang down the back, but J.Law's Chopard was not one of them. The 74 carats-worth of diamond beading is what's known as sautoir, a long strand meant to be worn any which way, even backwards, without any maintenance. "It's a really delicate piece," a Chopard spokeswoman tells me. "It didn't need anything to hold it in place."

That's not the only question you asked me about last night's big ceremony. Let's get to some more!

What was Brandi Glanville doing there?
—Spaghetti Pete, via Twitter

Besides showing off her assets? Providing fashion commentary for the ABC telecast!

Can I ask an idiotic q that I'd love to have answered? For whatever reason, I didn't watch the Oscars and I just decided to get a look via the sites. Why oh why was there sooooo much hate on Kristen Stewart? Is it her awkwardness? Is it the hair?
—Mari, via Twitter

I hear you. Many media outlets seemed to have it out for K. Stew last night, and not because she was on crutches.

Most of last night's vitriol seemed to be aimed at her apparently weird affectations. The New York Post lumped in the Snow White and the Hunstman star with Renée Zellweger, noting, "Their odd behavior as presenters at the 85th Annual Academy Awards caused viewers to tweet up a storm, with many suggesting that the usually composed starlets were inebriated during the broadcast."

Even a few celebrities piled on.

"Kristen Stewart are you ok? And by that I mean where were the hash brownies before u got hit," actor David Spade Tweeted.

There was a tie last night at the Oscars! A tie! Is this a first?
_ G.Z., via Twitter

Both Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall got the Oscar for Best Sound Editing last night (insert your own stereo joke here), but, no, it's not a first.

The last Oscar tie was 1994, in the Live Action Short category. And back in 1969, Audrey Hepburn and Barbra Streisand shared a Best Actress Oscar, with exactly 3,030 votes per diva.

Overall, last night's tie was the sixth in Academy history, if you count the time Frederic March and Wallace Beery tied ... even though March got one more vote than Beery. The reason that they both got an Oscar? At the time, Oscar rules dictated that such a close call in votes should result in a tie.

The rule has since been scrapped. And good thing, too: Does anyone really want to see two stars making weepy I-had-a-dream acceptance speeches at the same time?

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