Kristen Stewart

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Will Adele be the next megastar to EGOT?
—Quiet Storm, via Twitter

You speak of the rare boast that comes with winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony in one scant lifetime.

Now that Adele has her Oscar and her museum's worth of Grammys—this year alone she's won a Golden Globe, an Oscar and a Grammy—she's way ahead of you.

She told the press Sunday night at the Oscars that "maybe I'll do like an HBO special like Beyoncé did. And then a Tony, I'm not so sure. That may be one day maybe someone might want me to do a musical."

Still, don't hold your breath; she added that a Broadway-type musical is "not in my probability for the moment."

That's not the only question you asked me about last night's big ceremony. Let's get to some more!

Kristen Stewart, on crutches? What happened?
—Estado U., via Twitter

The prevailing intel is that she cut her foot on glass a few days ago.

Did Madonna host her annual Oscar party this year?
—Louis F., via Twitter

Yes. And she wore a dress with fur in the cleavage. You're welcome.

How many people actually get an #Oscar when a movie gets Best Picture? Just the director? Or everyone from sound to makeup?
—Sarah C., via Twitter

Actually, sometimes not even the director. Only people with a "producer" or "produced by" credit get the honor—and, no, that doesn't include executive producer, line producer, associate producer, co producer...

And that's a good thing. Otherwise, every person in Hollywood would have an Oscar!

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