Well, this stunt certainly didn't fly.

A producer for the Disney film Paperman was briefly kicked out of the Oscars Sunday night for throwing paper planes from her mezzanine seat into the orchestra section below after the film won for Best Animated Short, E! News confirms.

Producer Kristina Reed was seemingly attempting to recreate a scene in the romantic black-and-white short, about a smitten man trying to woo a woman in the building across the street using paper planes.

But the plan apparently backfired, and instead of sailing to the stage, the paper planes plummeted into the audience below. About 20 minutes later, security arrived and asked Reed to leave the theater.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the producer was eventually allowed back inside 10 minutes later following a brief protest.

Looks like Reed learned that hard way that there are no friendly skies in Oscarland!

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