Jennifer Lawrence and That Awesome Moment When She Met Jack Nicholson Backstage at the Oscars...

Oscar winner Lawrence asks the legendary actor if she looks like his next girlfriend, hilarity ensues

By John Boone Feb 25, 2013 7:04 PMTags

Jennifer Lawrence couldn't get any more amazing, you say. Jennifer Lawrence's adorable acceptance speech after winning Best Actress and tripping on the way to the podium was the highlight of the night, you say. Well, you're wrong.

Watch what happens when you add Jack Nicholson into the mix (during an interview with GMA's George Stephanopoulos):

George: "You've got a fan here."

Jack: "You did such a beautiful job! I don't mean to crash your interview."

Jennifer: "Yeah, you're being really rude."

Jack: "Enjoy the night. I loved you in the movie. It was great. You look like an old girlfriend of mine."

Jennifer: "Oh really? Do I look like a new girlfriend?"

Jack: "I thought about it." 

Jennifer: "Is he still here?"

Jack: "I'll be waiting!"

Watch the full clip for a bonus cameo by Jennifer Garner! And Anne Hathaway's interview, if you're into that.