Erin Andrews, 50 cent


Pucker up, 50 Cent!

The rap star attended the Daytona 500 Sunday and bumped into Fox Sports newscaster Erin Andrews—who was busy trying to find Danica Patrick for an interview—in the crowd.

While greeting the sexy reporter, 50 attempts to steal a smooch, awkwardly trying to plant a kiss on Andrews' lips before the Fox correspondent turns her head and dodges the liplock. 

"What are you doing here?" Andrews asks 50, clearly keeping her composure. 

"I'm enjoying myself! All the festivities that's why we rolling," the rapper replies before gracelessly escorting Erin with her camera crew.

50 later addressed the uncomfortable encounter on his Twitter account, "Hey, I wanted to kiss her so I did," he wrote before adding. "Wow they called me to interview with @erinandrews, we are working together on my street king energy campaign. That's why I was being nice." 

Perhaps a little too nice. You crushing, 50? 

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