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If you missed tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, allow us to offer a hint of what awaits you on your DVR: A moment that just might leave you yelling at Andrea (Laurie Holden), a person who, we'll remind you, does not really exist. This episode clearly belonged to the steely-yet-optimistic blonde, but there was plenty of drama to go around, especially over in Woodbury, where children have begun to carry guns.

Let's get to all the details in our spankin'-new recap!

What We Learned

You Can't Tell Andrea What To Do: Andrea wants to go visit the prison and forge a truce between Team Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Woodbury, but the Governor (David Morrissey) nixes the idea. He tells Andrea that if she leaves, well, she can just stay gone. But that just makes Andrea more resolved than ever. She asks Milton (Dallas Roberts) to help her escape Woodbury, which he does, but only with the secret blessing of the Governor.

And Speaking of the Governor: One of the reasons Andrea wants to bail is that the Gov has starting recruiting child soldiers to defend Woodbury. Stay classy, Gov.

Rick Is Slippin' Too: The death of Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) has jellied Rick's brains so bad that even Carl (Chandler Riggs) suggests that he step down as leader of the prison group. (In a pre-apocalyptic world, that kid would've been sooooo grounded.) Glenn (Steven Yeun) urges Rick to kick out Merle (MIchael Rooker), but the leader won't budge, leaving Hershel (Scott Wilson) to do some gentle prodding in Merle's direction.

Norman Reedus teases a "full-blown war"

The Lady Can Make An Entrance: After a scrum with some walkers in the woods, Andrea corrals one. Using the tried-and-true Michonne (Danai Gurira) method, she arrives at the prison in safety, camouflaging zombie in tow. Rick throws Andrea around, having lost trust in her, but she settles in eventually. She urges the prison group to try negotiations with the Gov, but Team Rick isn't interested. They want a fight!

Carol's Gotten Hard: During a quiet moment, Carol (Melissa McBride) encourages Andrea to sleep with the Governor, give him the night of his life, and then kill him. Then everybody could live in harmony, which is all that Andrea really wants. But...

Unless It's Already Dead, Andrea Won't Kill It: Andrea does indeed return to Woodbury, and she goes pretty much straight to the Gov's bed. But when the moon is high and the Governor is asleep, Andrea cannot bring herself to stab him.

The only question remaining: Will her idealism be Woodbury's saving grace...or her own end?

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