Seth MacFarlane, Oscars


Seth McFarlane has a baby face. Is he the youngest Oscar presenter ever?
—S.K., via Twitter

Nope. Thirty-year-old Anne Hathaway, who co-presented in 2011 with James Franco, is younger. McFarlane is almost 40.

I've been fielding bunches of Oscar questions from you all. Let's conquer some more!

I thought the Oscars took place at the Kodak. What happened?
—Anna Natalie, via Twitter

A new sponsor is what happened. From 2001 to last year, Kodak had naming rights to the home of the Oscars, having spent a breathtaking $75 million for the privilege. Then the company filed for bankruptcy and a new white knight was needed. Enter Dolby, which paid an undisclosed amount to replace Kodak.

Was James Franco the worst Oscar host ever? I say yes.
—T. Ford, via Twitter

I dunno, man. Did you see David Letterman bomb in 1995?

What happens to the red carpet after the Oscars? Do they reuse it? Auction it off? My kitchen needs a new rug.
—J.J., Los Angeles, via Twitter

Sorry, kiddo: An Oscar insider tells my colleagues at E! News that the carpet is put in storage after the Oscars and is rolled out solely for that event every year. Off to Ikea with you.

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