Jennifer Lopez's $1 Billion Booty?

Curvy celeb has apparently insured her body for a spectacular sum

By Julie Keller Dec 06, 1999 7:45 PMTags
Jennifer Lopez has put a price tag on those buzz-making buttocks of hers: $500 million per cheek.

Yep, the chart-topping singer and actress has taken out a $1 billion insurance policy on her body, according to several reports.

"She doesn't want to take any risks with her megabucks modeling, acting and singing career," says London's Sun.

At this time, the Lopez camp is not even denying the report (for the record, they're not confirming it, either).

The staggering sum rings in at around $8.25 million a pound, the New York Post helpfully points out.

An unnamed source tells the Post that the 29-year-old Out of Sight star purchased the policy at the urging of her talent agents.

"She is the hottest woman in showbiz at the moment?and she wants the reassurance that if something goes wrong she will be well-covered," the source says. "She travels around the world all the time and does a lot of stunts in her films, and she's very conscious of something going wrong."

The netizens are already buzzing. "I'm thinking delusions of grandeur here," muses one cybersurfer at the alt.gossip.celebrities newsgroup.

Lopez is hardly the first celeb to cover their, uh, assets with insurance policies. However, $1 billion is believed to be the biggest celebrity premium in history. According to the Post, other insurance-worthy celebs include: 1940s film legend Betty Grable took out a $1 million policy on her legs. Sultry Marlene Dietrich shelled out $1 million to cover her voice. Fred Astaire insured his legs for $75,000 each and his wrists and arms for $20,000. Marilyn Monroe's body was insured by several film studios. Entertainment Tonight's Mary Hart has a $1 million policy for each of her gams. Rocker Bruce Springsteen has insured his vocal cords for $6 million. Though $1 billion may seem a bit excessive to, say, just about anyone, Lopez is one of the hottest Hollywood commodities around. Just last night, she took home the Most Fashionable Female Artist nod from the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards in New York.

The L'Oreal spokesmodel also just banked an $8 million paycheck for the upcoming romantic thriller Angel Eyes, and her debut solo album On the 6 remains at the top of the charts with heavy airtime on MTV, VH1 and radio.