Gerard Butler, Paul Haggis

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Last night, the Hollywood Domino & Bovet 1822 Pre-Oscar Gala & Tournament was held at the historic Sunset Tower Hotel in Hollywood, which was made over in a mysterious film noir theme for the night. Gerard Butler took on hosting duties for the event.

Host With the Most: "Relax, have fun and don't take it so seriously," Gerard told us about the best advice he's gotten for hosting a party. "The fact is, you're there for the right reasons. You're there because you care. So it can't really come out the wrong way."

But that doesn't mean his competitive side doesn't come out just a little when we discussed the night's dominoes tournament: "Listen, if a few faces have to get punched in order for me to win this tournament, then they shall be punched," he joked. "I'll do whatever it takes. And that includes killing somebody."

High Roller: The whole night was arranged to benefit Artists for Peace and Justice, an organization founded to aid Haiti. "It's been an amazing thing, I just feel really honored to be a part of it," Butler explained to us before the event. "That's why events like tonight, with me turning up and winning this tournament and becoming a worldwide star through my domino abilities hopefully in some ways will help the children of Haiti," he said with a huge laugh.

And he put his money where his mouth was...and then his mouth got some action too. Director Paul Haggis, who started Artists, held an auction of sorts early on in the night, with no prizes to win except "joy." He asked for a donation of $75,000 and Gerard was first to put the money up. "Come up here and let me give you a big kiss," Haggis said. And then did!

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Heather Graham, Moby

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Wined and Dined: You can't compete on an empty stomach, so multiple buffets were serving up chicken breasts, beef and potatoes, rice and mushrooms and some good ol'-fashioned mac 'n' cheese.

As far as beverages go, the party was sponsored by Cîroc Vodka and had plenty of specialty cocktails to pick from (our favorite being the "Peach Perfection": Cîroc Peach, peach purée, muddled raspberries, lime juice and champagne).

Odd Couples: Adrien Brody and his sexy date were glued to each other's sides all night, arms constantly around each other, except when Adrien was chatting with...Josh Hartnett! Yes, the star of all your favorite late '90s/early 2000s films stepped out and was looking better than ever.

Later, Josh hit up the patio and was spotted chatting with Heather Graham. Another sighting: Heather arrived with Moby (yes! That Moby!) but when asked whether they're dating, the duo said they are "just friends and neighbors."

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