The Walking Dead

Gene Page/AMC

When it comes to The Walking Dead, episodes tend to fall into one of two categories—the yelling kind and the dying kind. People either yell at each other for an hour—in a vastly entertaining way, of course—or they duck and cover while zombies and deranged humans bear down on them.

So what kind of show will fans get this Sunday? Put it this way: We're looking at a whole new category we haven't seen before. Call it zombieland suspense. And the ending will leave you pounding on your flat screen, demanding to know what happens next!

Just what's gonna happen? Let's dish out a few hints, shall we?

Andrea Gets Real: Do not—do not—try to tell Andrea what to do, for it will end badly for you. That lesson comes through loud and clear when the steely, idealistic blond makes a fateful choice that just might change the landscape of the entire season.

Carl Says What? If there's any doubt left that Carl has grown up early, that ends with this episode. It's not what the kid does, but what he says, and to whom, that makes his maturity clear.

Woodbury Gets Some Visitors: But they're probably not the visitors you're expecting.

Carol Makes a Chilling Suggestion: All this season, we've seen Carol rise to become just as strong as the rest of her group in the prison. But this week, we see a side of her we didn't see coming. And it's not a warm and fuzzy side, either.

Catch all the bloody drama—and our recap, of course—on Sunday night.

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