Keri Russell, Dark Skies

Keri Russell is a tough chick.

"She's a trooper," Jason Blum, producer of Russell's new horror flick Dark Skies, says of the former Felicity star. "She was game for anything…She was willing to do anything."

She sure was. In the movie (in theaters today), she and Josh Hamilton play a husband and wife who are desperate to protect their family from evil forces that have invaded their home.

Keri's new television series, The Americans, is coming back for second season!

If you've seen the trailer, you know that at least one scene involves Russell banging her head against a window so hard the glass breaks.

"She did knock her head against the glass," Blum said. "It's not as hard as it seems in the movie, but it wasn't lightly either."

Fortunately, she did not get injured.

"She is superstrong," Blum said. "She didn't get hurt so it was fun to watch."

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