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You know how awful that Glee wedding was last week? Last night's Parks and Recreation wedding was the total opposite. Ben (Adam Scott) and Leslie (Amy Poehler) forever! And did we mention we have scoop on both shows?

And just how bad does it get for Emily (Emily VanCamp) on Revenge after Amanda's (Margarita Levieva) death? All that, plus Community, Walking Dead and more in today's Spoiler Chat:

Shawn: I still can't believe Revenge killed off Amanda just as I was really getting to like her! What's next for Emily?
"Amanda's death on the show kind of sets us up for the rest of the season. It's certainly affecting to Emily," Gabriel Mann previews. "I think the reasons and the psychology behind it will inform a lot of where you see Jack go for the rest of the season. You know it sort of just ups the stakes in a different kind of way because it's one thing to ruin somebody and kick them out of town, but to send them to the bottom of the ocean vengeance must be paid. There will be hell to pay." Did anyone else just get chills?

Trent in Denver: The Office or Parks and Recreation spoilers. Or both!
We pick Parks and Rec, because we just got a potentially sad bit of scoop: Someone might be leaving the Parks department (and the show!) for good. Some clues: Tthis person has been on the show since the very beginning, and it's not Andy. You say you also want Office scoop? Check back next week. We'll have some good stuff!


Adam Rose/FOX

Marcia: Glee Wemma scoop! Tell me Finn and Emma aren't going to be a thing now.
Don't think so. Finn cares way too much about Will to steal his woman away, even if he did have a moment of pure insanity and kiss her. Anyway, Will spends the next couple of episodes wooing his runaway bride the only way he knows how: with song. Need proof? Check out this photo from the March 7 episode. Will it work? All we can spill is: At the very least, it doesn't make Emma run away again.

Lana B.: Any more Game of Thrones spoilers in your pocket?
Let us stick our hand down there (gross) and see what we pull up. Give us a second...well, how about the official season three trailer? We can't give you that quite yet, but Jimmy Kimmel can. The trailer is premiering on his show tonight! And if you are more of a David Letterman or Jay Leno kind of gal and don't watch Kimmel, you can come here to watch the trailer. 60 seconds of pure, GoT awesome-ness. You're welcome!

Donna: More Community scoop please!
We recently chatted with Joel McHale, who couldn't say much about the season four finale, but teases: "It is unlike no other we've done." He also opened up to us about an episode he's excited for fans to see. "The great Jim Rash wrote an episode which is a Freaky Friday episode in the vein of Jodi Foster's Freaky Friday and so, that one was really fun," he says.

The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus

Gene Page/AMC

Eric in St. John, Ind.: Walking Dead intel?
Norman Reedus, aka Daryl, described the rest of the season to us with three simple but awesome phrases: "fast-paced," "wild" and "all-out war." We can't wait! For more scoop from Reedus, check back later today for our exclusive interview.

Daniel: What, is Wilfred not good enough for Spoiler Chat or something?
Rude much?! But you are right, we've been slacking with the Wilfred scoop, so here you go: In the new season, Ryan will reconnect with his high school crush who is now a dog-weirdo. Think treating the four-legged friends like children, using cute voices and giving them manicures kind of dog-weirdo.  We'll also be meeting Ryan's new therapist Dr. Blum who is pretty unfazed by the weird things his patients say.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Brett Malec

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