So, you think your mother embarrasses you? Go ask Drew Barrymore about maternal-unit problems.

Drew's mom is auctioning off her movie-star offspring's baby clothes on the Web.

Did we mention Barrymore and her mother, Jaid, are a "bit" estranged?

The lot of 18 items--including a travel scrapbook, the red cowboy hat the actress wore as a pre-schooler in E.T., the screenplay of her 1994 flick, Bad Girls, featuring her very own lipstick blotch on the cover and an an acrylic painting of the young girl commissioned by Steven Spielberg--went on the block on Monday at Through this afternoon, there were few takers, much less bidders. To be sure, the auction's pricey. The asking price for the red cowboy hat, for instance, is $45,900.

All items come with a letter of authentication from dear ol' mom.

"Drew is such a special, amazing, magical person," Jaid told Associated Press in a telephone interview. "I decided to put some of her things up on the Web site to allow people be a part of Drew's life."

Mother Barrymore, who acknowledges she and Drew aren't on speaking terms, also is selling off: a Christmas card sent to her "special" daughter by Jack Nicholson; plus, two collections of baby clothes, including a baby-chick-decorated undershirt and a white bonnet-and-sleeper outfit.

The goodies will remain available for bidding through November 25.

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