Justin Bieber

Weir Photos / Splash News

Justin Bieber deserves to have some fun.

The hard-working teen—who's currently in London for the Brit Awards—had a crazy time out on the town last night and E! News has all the details.

So, how does an international superstar celebrate across the pond? 

First, the singer-songwriter went to modern Indian cuisine restaurant Mint Leaf for a late dinner at 9:45 p.m., according to our source, before heading back to his hotel.

From there, the Biebs rocked out at Roadhouse, a trendy late-night restaurant-bar located in the heart of Covent Garden.

But that's not all! Afterward, Justin went to Amika, a stylish club in Kensington, before finishing up the night at the members-only British Luxury London Club at 4 a.m., where he left with two girls, according to an eyewitness. 

"we are a good time," the Believe singer tweeted last night. 

A good time, indeed! Don't you wish you were 18 again?

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