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Has Donald Trump just admitted defeat?

The real estate mogul is backing off on his threat to hit online activist Angelo Carusone with a $25 million lawsuit if he doesn't halt his campaign to convince Macy's to fire Trump as a celebrity spokesman.

"Looks like a lawsuit against GoAngelo won't work—my ties & shirts doing too well at Macy's—he's actually helping. I have no damages!" The Donald tweeted.

News that Trump was contemplating suing Carusone surfaced yesterday when the latter went public with a cease and desist he says he received from the Apprentice star warning him of legal action unless he stopped interfering in Trump's business and contractual relationships.

Now in a fast reversal, the business titan admits the protest movement—which includes a petition Carusone created which has garnered over 683,000 signatures urging the retail giant to sever ties with Trump—isn't having a negative impact on his dealings at all.

"My ties & shirts at Macy's are doing great. Stupid @GoAngelo is making people aware of how good they are!" wrote Trump.

He then lashed out at Carusone's efforts thus far, which also included a protest in front of Macy's, adding: "Dummy @GoAngelo who had 11 people show up for 15 min. at his 'massive' rally at Macy's is trying to get publicity for self by using me."

It probably didn't help the TV star's cause that Angelo's attorney sent his own letter to Trump's lawyer saying Carusone's boycott efforts are protected by free speech, and noting he's yet to get any specifics from The Donald's side over how he's been harmed financially.

For Carusone, who decided to go after Trump after being fed up with the Birther conspiracy theories the latter pushed during the presidential campaign, Trump's concession is tantamount to victory.

"Trump admits defeat. But alas, this is 'still' about @macys," he commented after getting Trump's tweet about the lawsuit not working.

Carusone then tweeted to @macys: "This is how your spokesperson speaks to customers #dumpTrump RT @realDonaldTrump: Dummy @GoAngelo."

Finally, Carusone added: "I told ya. Bullies always back down once you stand up to them. I learned that lesson a long time ago. Much more work to do though. Onward!"

Carusone plans to deliver his petition to Macy's once it hits 700,000 signatures.

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