On today's Live from E!, we discussed the controversy surrounding three of the Best Picture Oscar contenders: Argo, Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty. Many fans and critics alike are lashing out at the historical inaccuracies in the films—but what is the obligation of film studios when they say something is "based on a true story"?

While there was some debate in the studio about the liberties the producers took with Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, everyone seems to agree that Lincoln is essentially attempting to rewrite history. One particular scene has many people up in arms, where it depicts two Connecticut lawmakers voting against the 13th Amendment (abolishing slavery), when in reality, they actually voted in favor of it. 

We also chatted about the Kelly Clarkson/Clive Davis feud, which seems to have been brewing since way back in the day when Clive reportedly made Kelly cry in the studio.

Finally, we played "No Freakin' Way," where we debunked some of the biggest entertainment rumors that are making the rounds at the moment! Watch the replay to see us separate fact from fiction with the latest gossip surrounding Lindsay Lohan, Robert Pattinson (not together—although that would definitely fall into the "No Freakin' Way" category) and more.  

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