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Ready for some scoop?! Trick question: Of course you are!

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on Pretty Little Liars' sure-to-be crazy finale, what's ahead for New Girl's Cece and Schmidt and Nashville's Rayna non-divorce-related family troubles! Plus, we've got spoilers on Parks and Recreation's big wedding, Teen Wolf's new bromance, Nurse Jackie and more!

Freddie: Any scoop on Isaac when Teen Wolf returns? He's my favorite character!
Lots of bonding with Scott, which may cause Stiles to get very, very jealous. "Isaac may start to take Stiles's place as Scott's best friend which could cause some issues," Jeff Davis teased during a Q&A on the show's Tumblr page. "I call it a bromance triangle." Oh, and season three premieres on June 3.

Libby: I need some scoop on the Pretty Little Liars finale! This season has been insane.
Well, prepare for even more craziness! "The finale is mind-blowing. The finale is very hot and we answer a couple of very big questions and we launch a new mystery that will take us into season four," creator Marlene King teases. "I hope fans are really excited about wanting the answer to that new question. It's a question fans have already asked, but now were addressing it."

Renee: New Girl question that has nothing to do with Nick and Jess...because I'm in love with Cece and Schmidt!
We already told you that Cece and the whole arranged marriage thing will chug along full steam ahead, but we think this will cheer you up: Schmidt has a plan! He will seek out an ex-girlfriend to make Cece jealous. However, we get the feeling that Schmidt might find something more than a jealously plot with his ex-flame.

Deanna: If I don't see some Rayna-Deacon lovin' on Nashville soon, I'm going to lose it! Tell me what you know!
We know that for every moment that oozes chemistry between Rayna and Deacon, there will be a not-so-hot moment. It's the usual will they-won't they back and forth dance that TV shows love to torture us with. Just prepare to sit tight and wait. Plus, we think Rayna will be too busy with family matters when she has to convince her children not to get into the singing business. Seriously, they even asked to be signed to her new label! Kids today.

Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler and Adam Scott


Nicole F.: SO SO excited for the Parks and Rec wedding! Please tell me there isn't some twist that will cause Ben and Leslie to not get married. My heart won't be able to take it.
We're sure there will be twists in the episode, but nothing that will prevent Ben and Leslie from tying the knot. How do we know? In a future episode, Leslie is introduced as Ben Wyatt's wife. It's official! Shippers rejoice! 

WesleyPomatto: Please say that August is coming back to OUAT! #spoilerchat
Rejoice, August/Pinocchio fans as Eion Bailey will be returning to the ABC hit series. And we can spill that he will be sharing scenes with Emma's baby-father and Rumple's son Neal in New York City, so this begs the question: flashback or present-day confrontation? Hmmm...

Samantha: Any juicy 90210 scoop?
What do a Senator involved in a scandal, an attorney who falls in love with a client, a prison guard and a prison warden all have in common? They all factor into 90210's sure-to-be intense season five finale!

Timothy P.: Is there anything you can tell us about the new season of Nurse Jackie?
Jackie's relationship with her daughter Grace will continue to deteriorate in the new season. And all hell breaks loose when Jackie finds pills in Grace's possession. Like mother like daughter? Let's hope not.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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