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"It's a show within a show."

That's the simple description Matt Davis gives of his new CW thriller Cult, which debuts tonight at 9 p.m., but the show is anything but simple as it focuses on the dark underworld of the fictional show Cult and its rabid fanbase. Think murder, kidnapping, etc.

We recently sat down with Davis and his costar Jessica Lucas to talk about their highly anticipated new show. Plus, Davis talks about his "grief" after leaving The Vampire Diaries and whether or not fans can expect to see Alaric on the CW hit again in the future.

Davis tackles the role of an investigative journalist Jeff, while Lucas plays Skye, a research assistant on the fictional show Cult, who has grown suspicious of the show's influence on its viewers.

Of what brings their characters together, Lucas explains, "Her father went missing at a young age and Jeff's brother also goes missing the pilot, so he comes to the TV show to find out more about what's going on and they end up joining forces looking for their missing relatives together."

Together the learn that the disappearances are happening under "strange mysterious circumstances that have something to do with this television show called Cult," Davis says, adding that as they follow "the breadcrumbs down this rabbit hole…[they're] launched into this crazy journey of discovering the cult."

Of course, being human and having eyes, we had to talk about Davis' very dapper ensemble, which included glasses and a nice sweater, which we were sad to learn were not part of Jeff's kind of look. "Jeff's more...dowdy," Lucas says with a laugh, while Davis describes his Cult look as "frumpy." Hey, it can't all be leather jackets and lifesaving jewelry à la The Vampire Diaries!

Oh, and you thought you were sad when Alaric was killed off The Vampire Diaries? That's nothin' compared to Davis' sadness! "I'm grateful to have [Cult] to transition into because if I didn't I would be very sad myself. It's helped me deal with the grief," he tells us. "The Vampire Diaries fans are near and dear to my heart and I'm always grateful for their love and support. So I hope that this, while it is not Vampire Diaries at all and it's completely different and it's not Alaric, there hopefully will be similarities that satisfy some of the fans that miss Alaric on some level."

But will we ever see Davis back on TVD? "No one's ever really dead in Mystic Falls, so who knows?" Davis says. "We'll see."

Cult premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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