The Walking Dead Recap: Siege at the Prison!

After the invasion of Woodbury, the Governor gets his own back

By Leslie Gornstein Feb 18, 2013 3:10 AMTags
The Walking Dead, Norman ReedusGene Page/AMC

Last week's return of The Walking Dead may have seemed a bit slow for die-hard fans: Only a little bit of zombie action, but a lot of yelling among the living. Well, all that changed tonight. Gun blazed. Zombies met their doom at the end of a crossbow. And revenge, oh, make no mistake: It was had.

Let's not delay any longer and instead get right to this week's blood-spattered recap!


Andrea and Glenn Step Up: The Governor (David Morrissey) tells Andrea (Laurie Holden) that he's failed as a leader and she needs to sub for him. As for where exactly the Governor will be while Andrea is performing this service, well, you'll see. Glenn (Steven Yeun), meanwhile, makes plans to defend the prison, expecting an attack from the Gov. He hopes to get some help from Maggie (Lauren Cohan), but she's been isolating herself, haunted by her experience at Woodbury.

The Dixon Brothers Are Having a Little Difference of Opinion: Merle (Michael Rooker) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) definitely have clashing ideas on how to survive. That difference crystalizes when the brothers run across a family pinned down by zombies on top of a bridge. Daryl rescues them with his crossbow of justice. But he also has to rescue them from Merle, who tries to loot.

Gene Page/AMC

Rick Was Crazy, but Not Anymore: Rick (Andrew Lincoln) keeps seeing visions of his dead wife in white. Inconveniently, those visions all happen outside the prison walls, where there are zombies. But the insanity doesn't last long, because...

The Governor Strikes Back: Remember how Morrissey was just telling us how dangerous the Governor is because he's a man with nothing to lose? He wasn't kiddin'. Just when things are looking kinda peaceful, you know, for a prison, the Gov rolls up and starts picking people off with a gun. Axel (Lew Temple) gets shot in the head right in front of Carol (Melissa McBride). One of the Governor's goons crashes a truck through the prison gates and unleashes a clown car full of zombies. Carol gets pinned down but gets a rescue via Maggie's fantastic talent with a gun. And just when things are looking really, really bleak, we get a bona fide Han Solo moment courtesy of the Dixon brothers, who show up and even the odds.

Only one question remains: What will Rick's next move be?