Christoph Waltz Takes on DJesus Uncrossed, Parodies the Pope on Saturday Night Live

Django Unchained star shed his serious actor side to bring on the funny during his first hosting stint on the late-night laugher

By Brandi Fowler Feb 17, 2013 5:59 PMTags

Christoph Waltz is taking a crack at shedding his more serious actor side (at least for a night).

Following the cold open, which poked fun at the stranded Carnival cruise debacle, the Django Unchained star popped up on stage to kick off Saturday Night Live, hosting the show for the first time. 

"I've wanted to host for a long time, but they've always said to me you don't have a sense of humor," Waltz said in his monologue. "Then, I found out I'm the first German speaking host of the show, so naturally I was prepared to do some intelligent and humorous observations about where I come from." 

Instead, Waltz sang an Austrian song in English that he dubbed "Smile, Damn you Smile."

And then it was time for the show.

In "Game Show Network," Waltz played judgmental "What Have You Become" game show host Matt Montgomery, who makes the contestants feel bad for the way they're living their lives by asking them "What Have You Become" (and playing a depressing tune to accompany their responses). The best part of this skit came at the end, however, when the contestants turned the tables on Matt, and he confessed that he wanted to be a dancer. The tap dance number he breaks out into after that confession was pretty classic.

Then, in "Retirement Ad," Waltz took on Pope Benedict XVI in a faux commercial about retirement funds for popes, which showed the pope playing the guitar, serving dinner for friends in a "bless this mess" apron, and riding a bike after figuring out how to pay his bills following his resignation.   

"Here at Papal Securities we give popes the kind of financial advice they need to survive on a fixed income," the financial advisor (Jason Sudeikis) said. 

Another notable sketch was "DJesus Uncrossed," a "historical revenge fantasy" that mixed Django Unchained and Inglorious Bastards, with Waltz playing revenge-seeking DJesus. While proclaiming that the ‘h' in his name is silent when a soldier calls him ‘Jesus H. Christ,' DJesus goes on a rampage, killing everyone in sight. Ving Rhames (Keenan Thompson) and Brad Pitt (Taran Killam) also made an appearance this sketch, as soldiers trying to take him down.

In the "Jamarcus Brothers" skit, Waltz plays the "third Jamarcus brother" to a two-man singing group (Thompson and Jay Pharoah) who are promoting their new CD, designed to help couples get in the mood. 

Then, in "Regine," Louis (Waltz) brings his new feisty girlfriend Regine to meet his friends…and the couple can't get enough of showing off their PDA. So much so that Bill Hader, who played one of the friends, almost burst into laughter when Regine climbed over his lap and knocked over wine glasses after Louis palmed her stomach.

In "Secret Admirer Letter," Waltz was back, playing creepy, foreign security guard Dmitri, who stands by as the woman he adores reads his secret admirer letter and reacts to it. "I want to screw with you, I take a long time, we will never be alone in the woods," the letter reads. Dmitri tries to pin the letter, written in broken English, on other office employees when he obviously is the one who wrote it.

Alabama Shakes was also on hand to perform Always Alright and Hold On.

So, tell us…did Waltz bring on the laughs or should he stick to heavy, dramatic flicks? Sound off in the comments.

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