From the cathouse to the big house to the poorhouse. Such is the career trajectory of Heidi Fleiss.

Hollywood's most infamous madam--a woman who once traveled in the same climes as the rich and the randy--declared bankruptcy Wednesday, just four weeks after her release from prison.

In her Chapter 11 petition, the 33-year-old pimpette-turned- legitimate-lingerie-business-owner listed debts totaling more than $269,000

As for her assets? Well, aside from a keen business sense, Fleiss could come up with only two official ones to list on the court paperwork: She's got $200 worth of clothing and $500 worth of jewelry.

That's a far cry from Fleiss' former life as a player who made thousands of dollars a day setting up clients like Charlie Sheen with, um, really eager dates.

The petition filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Los Angeles said Fleiss owes $115,000 to lawyers and $85,000 in back rent and inventory from her Santa Monica underwear store, Heidi Wear Inc.

Oh, for the (relative) comfort of prison, where Fleiss last month won an early release from her 37-month sentence. The ex-madam wasn't entirely opposed to life behind bars. Last December she actually asked to return to prison after spending unhappy time at a halfway house. At the time, her publicist said she was "extremely happy" to go back to the big house.

Fleiss' legal troubles began back in 1995 when authorities busted her call-girl service. Sentencing followed in 1997 on charges of conspiracy, tax evasion and money laundering.

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