Kate Upton Denies Dating Justin Verlander in Awkward Valentine's Day Interview

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl says she's "single right now"

By Rebecca Macatee Feb 15, 2013 4:56 PMTags

Way to be awkward, Fox News.

On Thursday, Kate Upton denied—point-blank—that she was dating Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander during an interview with Fox News 2's Jason Carr.

In a not-so-stealth attempt to get the 20-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl to open up about her rumored relationship, Carr said "beautiful and amazing" is "how I would describe St. Thomas, where you went with your boyfriend Justin Verlander on vacation."

Continuing to stick his foot in his mouth, he asked Upton if there were "plans for any nuptials" or if she was "gonna go public with that romance anytime soon?"

Cue the painfully awkward pause.

"Actually, I'm single right now, so I spent my holiday in Melbourne, Fla.," Upton said.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue editor M.J. Day tried to alleviate the weirdness, saying excitedly, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

We're sure Ms. Upton won't have any trouble finding a date.