Josh Duhamel Tries on a Thong, Talks Making "Sweet, Sweet Love" to Fergie on Valentine's Day

Safe Haven star mock-recalls how he and his wife spent the holiday in an interview airing Friday on Ellen

By Natalie Finn Feb 15, 2013 6:09 AMTags
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We'll celebrate Valentine's Day whenever Josh Duhamel—or Ellen DeGeneres—tells us to!

"Remember, it was yesterday," DeGeneres reminded the actor today during an interview that will air Friday on Ellen when she brought up the holiday to see how he and wife Fergie had supposedly already spent it.

"Yeah, Valentine's Day was great," Duhamel played along. "I bought her a nice gift. I bought her some earrings, took her to dinner and then made sweet, sweet love."

"What time around was that?" DeGeneres inquired.

"Anywhere between 9 and 2 a.m.," the Safe Haven star affirmed. "It's Valentine's Day. You got to bring out your best stuff."

Wait, he's got better stuff lurking somewhere beneath the surface?!

Asked about his and Fergie's naughty hobbies, Duhamel admitted, "We do a lot of dressing up."

Wanting to make his, er, next Valentine's Day even more romantic, DeGeneres presented her strapping guest with a red heart-shaped thong—which he promptly slipped on over his trousers.

"That might cover it all up," he mused. 

Asked how he was feeling in that skimpy little number, Duhamel cracked, "I have a heart-on."

And a very Happy Valentine's Day to all!