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The Saturdays hit New York this week, which of course included a visit to the Naked Cowboy. "They don't call me Frankie the Flirt for no reason," said Frankie Sandford as she jumped into his arms.

Romance was in the air for Rochelle as well, as her husband Marvin surprised her in her hotel room (and nearly scared her to death, too). Unfortunately, Marvin had some bad news: their dream house fell through. But on the positive side, Marvin set up some appointments for the following week, when the girls would be in London.

Una had a rough week as she had to say goodbye to Aoife Belle, who went home a bit early with Una's mother. Vanessa had an idea to cheer Una up, and it involved a night out and a ton of drinks.

You see, back when Una was single, she and Vanessa would go out together and party. They used to call themselves Fierceness..."I'm Fierce, she's Ness," explains Una.

The girls had a fun night, but the hangover the next morning wasn't much fun at all. That didn't stop the girls from playing a successful acoustic set in front of some record execs, though!

As for Una, she was excited to get back to London but settled in to New York before long: "I miss my family so much, but I'm really lucky I have the girls because they're my second family."

Tune in tomorrow at 10/9c for another all-new episode of Chasing The Saturdays, only on E!

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