Gerard Butler


Movie or no movie, Gerard Butler wants what he claims is his promised payout. 

The star, who is considered "one of the most sought after and bankable actors in Hollywood," filed a lawsuit against the producers from the film Motor City for breach of contract after cancelling his movie and failing to pay him $4 million, according to the complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court this month. 

Butler and Comrie Inc., a management company, are suing Randall Emmett and George Furla's Emmett/Furla Films after Butler agreed to be the lead actor for revenge thriller, where he was offered a fixed guaranteed compensation of $4 million.

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The actor said that because he agreed to do the movie, he gave up accepting other offers, and even though shooting was scheduled to start in mid-September, Butler says he was informed Aug. 31, "on the eve of commencement of principal photography," that there was no more movie and no intention to pay him.

The lawsuit states, "Butler has suffered and continues to suffer damages in an amount to be proven at trial, but not less then $5,100,000."

Meanwhile, Rick Rosenthal, an attorney for Emmett/Furla, says that the company never signed a contract with Butler and described the suit as "frivolous."

"There is no written agreement between the parties and there were still outstanding deal points that were material to the deal that were not agreed upon," Rosenthal told TheWrap. "Everybody wishes the movie had gone forward, but they do not have any legal liability."

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