Marc Jacobs, Diet Coke

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images; Courtesy: Diet Coke

Always wanted a Marc Jacobs piece, but couldn't afford one of his designer duds?

Then you're in luck, because the fashion icon has just debuted an affordable new line—of Diet Coke cans, that is.

That's right, just a week after showing off his abs in a sexy ad for the soft drink giant, the designer—and newly appointed Diet Coke 2013 creative director—has unveiled three limited-edition cans.  

Check out Marc Jacobs' sexy Diet Coke ad

And his creations, inspired by female empowerment in the '80s, '90s and '00s, are just as fabulous as his clothing collections. Take the '90s-inspired can, which features his signature swallow print and a glam model in a punch-colored cocktail dress. Darling bow ties decorate his '80s design, which includes a model is a sharp tux with the decade's trademark strong shoulder silhouette, while the final can in the series stars gal in a trendy mixed-print outfit that combines classic stripes with a playful houndstooth pattern.

Even if Diet Coke isn't your thing, we think it's fair to say you'll find these cans are refreshing, thanks to Jacobs' designs. The first set of designer divas is slated to hit shelves in Europe next month. 

Which Marc Jacobs Diet Coke can is your fave? Tell us in the comments!

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