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By Team WWK Feb 15, 2013 2:00 PMTags
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Werewolves, hybrids and nerds, oh my!

We've got scoop on all of those and more in today's Spoiler Chat, which includes a juicy Glee tease from Darren Criss, an upcoming hookup for Klaus on The Vampire Diaries and spoilers on what those werewolves on Teen Wolf will be up to at the beginning of their senior year. Plus, we've got scoop on The Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad and more...

Francesca: Share some OUAT scoop!
Do not miss the final minute of Sunday's episode. It's a game changer that involves a vow Rumple makes in a flashback to Fairy Tale Land.

GleekFreak4298: V-Day scoop on my three favorite lovebirds Finchel, Klaine, & Brittana please!
OK, no need to be greedy, so we're giving you one serving of Glee couple scoop, courtesy of Darren Criss. "I will say we got to do a really cool number together. We got to recreate a scene from something that is really magical," he teases of Kurt and Blaine in episode 15. "I'm so excited to see it. It's from a great movie. It's from one of my favorite movies of all-time."

Sia_ku: Anything about Teen Wolf?
There's a big change in season three: No lacrosse! Yes, the boys will not be picking up their sticks this year, but the lacrosse team will be taking up a new sport in the off-season. And that sport is...cross country! Don't worry, there will still be plenty of shirtless locker room scenes.

Chad: Scoop on Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother or 2 Broke Girls?
We definitely pick Big Bang Theory for this one. Fans can expect "really heavy Amy-Sheldon relationship episodes" on the horizon, according to Mayim Bialik. "Nothing though that breaks either of their character molds," she says. "Just a lot of depth. Very, very sweet stuff coming up." Awww!

Annette Brown/The CW

Elena: I'm super excited to see some shirtless Klaus on my screen! Anything else you can tell us about the hot hybrid sex that's to come in TVD?
We can't say who Klaus is finally hooking up with, but we can tell you that Joseph Morgan says fans will not want to miss episode 18. And says it's a big Klaroline episode. Hmmm, As for the shirtlessness, Morgan says, "He hasn't really ever kissed anyone! I mean in the form of Tyler her has, but I think he's finally going to get some action. It's going to be interesting. Also, I've gotten away with a year and half of keeping my clothes on, on the CW, which I think must be a record! They probably thought, ‘Hang on a minute, he's getting that spin off,' so I've spending a lot of time in the gym."

Ryan S.: Give me that Parks and Rec goodness!
There may or may not be a threesome situation happening in an upcoming episode, and it involves Tom asking [spoiler] to join!

Jacob: Any scoop you can share about this week's Girls?
This Sunday's episode contains one breakup and one extremely sad phone call. While you won't need tissues for the former, the latter, which is a conversation between Hannah and Marnie, will definitely cause you to tear up.

Sean in Playa Vista, Calif.: Do you have anything on Breaking Bad? Thanks!
The next season of Breaking Bad is going to be insane," RJ Mitte gushes to us. "It is horrifying because any moment, anything can happen. The writers have outdone themselves. It really is going to be a mind-blowing season. I am so excited to see it air. I'm so excited to see how people react." React to perhaps Walt snapping and losing it? "It's gonna happen," Mitte warns.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Marc Malkin

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