Michael Vartan

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It's here! The moment Alias fans have all been waiting for: Michael Vartan is back on TV! What do you guys think—is Big Shots hot or not? 

Check it out, then feel free to sound off with what you think of the Big boys in the Comments section below.

If you didn't get a shot to see Dirty Sexy Money or Big on Wednesday or Thursday on ABC, I've been asked to tell you that some kind of network called E! is airing them this Sunday, Sept. 30! Tune in at 5 p.m. to catch the E! network premiere of the Dirty Sexy Money pilot, and at 6 p.m. for the Big Shots pilot. In celebration (and because those Big and Dirty men are so fine), we put together a photo gallery of Michael and company. 

And by the by, at press time, here are the current Save It standings. (Go, Josh Schwartz, it's your birthday!)


61%—Gossip Girl


46%—Private Practice

42%—Dirty Sexy Money


32%—Bionic Woman

29%—Back to You

24%—The Big Bang Theory




15%—Kid Nation

Thursday: Save It or Sink It?
Big Shots
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