She may not have been quite as incoherent as she was during her 1997 appearance on CBS' Late Show with David Letterman, but after Wednesday night's return visit, one fact is abundantly clear--Farrah Fawcett is no brain surgeon.

The ditzy blonde walked across the stage (without dropping anything or tripping!), sat down, and quickly shielded her eyes from the set's Manhattan-skyline backdrop that so strangely captivated her during the infamous TV appearance more than two years ago.

"I'm not looking at the backdrop," Fawcett told host David Letterman. "Don't make me look at it."

Thus began the ex-Charlie's Angel's all-new and improved visit to the late-night talk show.

Fawcett was there to plug an upcoming cameo on Ally McBeal, as well as the CBS TV movie Silk Hope, airing Sunday, but the conversation quickly turned to the wacky appearance that fueled speculation she was high as a kite.

"We are forever attached at the hip," Fawcett told the CBS host on Wednesday.

The gap-toothed talker quickly put his cards on the table, asking Fawcett if she was drunk or on drugs during the appearance.

"The last thing I'd do is be in an altered state with you," Fawcett giggled in a Marilyn Monroe-esque way, telling the audience she behaved the way she did because she was nervous and "visceral."

"I notice and feel a lot of things," she, um, explained.

Dave's band-leading sidekick, Paul Shaffer, scored points with the 52-year-old Playboy pinup when he told her he always believed she was doing a bit during the June 6, 1997, show.

"You were playing the role of a spacey blonde," Shaffer explained, which was followed by the promise of a hug from the aging bombshell.

Fawcett provided the audience with just one more zinger when she discussed her former neighbor, basketball great Wilt Chamberlain, who died Tuesday. "They used to ding-dong my door," she explained. "You know, all [his] women."

Maybe Farrah's ding-dong behavior isn't entirely her fault--she's had a rough couple of years. Just four months before her bizarre Late Show appearance, she split with longtime lover Ryan O'Neal. She was also accused (and acquitted) of being a clothes thief.

Then, just when things were looking up for her--she scored a Playboy centerfold and naked-body-painting video gig--she was beaten up by her director boyfriend, James Orr.

Now, after selling her Los Angeles homes, she's without roots and living in "various hotels throughout the country."

Sounds like enough to make anyone go a little nuts.

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