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It was an engagement to remember for Sofia Vergara—and one that came close to her ending up in handcuffs (and we don't mean in a fun way!).

Appearing on a special Valentine's Day edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, the Modern Family star hilariously recounted for Ellen exactly how her businessman boyfriend Nick Loeb's decision to pop the question at the Chichén-Itzá pyramids last summer nearly landed them in a Mexican jail.

Vergara told the comic that the couple got engaged on July 10, 2012—her 40th birthday—after she took her beau on a tourist excursion to the famed Mayan archaeological site in the Yucatán. But little did she realize what he had in store when they got there.

Sofia Vergara engaged, shows off ring in birthday celebration

"So he was like, let's go take a picture up there," Sofia recalled, pointing to video of her at pyramids, but more specifically the top of the ancient structure where he apparently gave her the ring.

"That's you coming down [from the pyramid]," noted Ellen.

"That's us coming down and they're going to try and arrest us," replied Vergara.

When DeGeneres pointed out if they ever noticed the rope that cordoned off the temple from the general public, the funnylady answered that Nick told her he had arranged beforehand for them to be there.

Sofia Vergara

Courtesy: Jesse Grant

"Yeah, but he had said he had gotten permission," insisted Sofia. "I swear to god he said he had gotten permission to go up there and take a picture. So I said, 'OK, let's go.' So I went up, he took the ring out there. I made sure I like it."

The actress then drew laughs when she told how she put the ring in her teeth to make sure the diamond was real.

"I like it, I put it on immediately and I said yes," she said. "And I checked, but then when we came down they want to arrest us because there were some nationals, no…local people got really upset and they thought I was [taking] advantage of the situation, but it was not true."

Just another day in the crazy life of this Colombian beauty.

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