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By Team WWK Feb 14, 2013 2:00 PMTags
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Happy Valentine's Day, TV fans!

Sadly, we don't have chocolates or roses to shower upon you (we're sending virtual love), but we do have lots of juicy TV scoop to make up for it, including what the future holds for The Vampire Diaries' Klaus and Caroline now that he's getting his own spinoff, whose family members we'll soon be meeting on Scandal, and a Revenge star teases the big death that will rock the Hamptons! Plus, we've got spoilers on The Walking Dead, The Office, Grey's Anatomy and more, so put on some Barry White and prepare to get your Spoiler Chat on...

Diane: When are you announcing the results for TV's Top Couples?
Later today, so check back for the winners…and the reaction from the champion couple!

Joinacruise:  Any chance of Klaroline in the spinoff? #TVD
We asked the very charming Joseph Morgan that very question regarding The Originals, and we're sure fans of Klaus and Caroline will like his answer! "There are going to be characters that cross over between the two worlds. The whole world is going to be richer," he explains. "It would imagine all the fans that have been so generous to me are going to want to see what happens with Caroline…I feel like I owe it to the fans for there to be some resolve and for her to possibly turn up in New Orleans at some point. I know there's already talks about different characters that can come over to New Orleans and then go back." For more TVD scoop from Morgan, check back with us later today!

kimma_S: Scandal scoop please.
Our scandalous world is expanding, y'all! Fans will meet two members of one of our character's family in episode 18. Vague? OK, fine. We're meeting Hollis' wife and daughter! His wife Deborah is described as smart and fabulous, while his daughter Nikki is a wild child. Uh-oh!

Trisha in Toronto: I'm gonna go ahead and beg for Walking Dead spoilers. This season is blowing my mind!
You think the midseason premiere was intense? Just you wait. Rick's prison is about to get a few more visitors. Actually, make that a whole lot of visitors...not all of whom are breathing. But it's the way that those zombies get to the prison that makes for one of the most dramatic moments of this season so far.


Erin R.: Office spoilers, please.
Tonight's episode, titled "Moving On," revolves around exactly that: people moving on. Executive producer Greg Daniels told us that someone does get fired near the end of the season, and we wouldn't be surprised if tonight was the night. "I think we're getting near the end now, so we are trying to figure out the ways that all these people will be moving on," Jenna Fischer says. "Either with Dunder Mifflin, without Dunder Mifflin, with each other or without each other…and I think a lot of the endings might surprise people." Bonus scoop: Michael Scott is back! Sort of. Pam interviews at a real estate agency in Philadelphia (yes, she's making it work with her hubby), and the boss there is very much like her old boss Michael, which does not thrill Mrs. Halpert in the least.

Yvonne: After the last episode of Revenge, I'm having some serious anxiety. I need scoop!
Yeah, that anxiety probably won't go away anytime soon. "After every wedding, you must have a death, so someone's dying." Ashley Madekwe tells us. "The life expectancy on that show is insane. In the first season, we didn't know who was dying. We just knew somebody was dying, because we had that body on the beach. But in this season, we knew in advanced who was dying." Who do you think it is, Revenge fans?

Cindy: Grey's Anatomy scoop, please!
The ABC hit is currently looking to cast a 10-year-old named Aidan who is traumatized after his parents are involved in an accident. Sounds simple enough, right? This is the part that intrigues us: He'll first appear in episode 19 and recur throughout the rest of the season. Hmmm...

FangirLEEng: Does Spoiler Chat hate Hawaii Five-0 or something? Dying for some scoop!
We apologize for our negligence and will make it up to you with one serving of McGarrett-related Hawaii Five-0 scoop, OK? Prepare for flashbacks! In an upcoming episode, we'll see McGarrett way back when he was in Navy SEAL training and we'll meet someone who was very, very important to him.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Leslie Gornstein

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